St. Aidan’s communicates directly with politicians on matters of public policy where our values and our understanding of Christ’s instructions compel us to take action. Since 2016 we have taken part in meetings with politicians either as part of a larger collective or on our own in the following areas:

  • Advocacy for the removal of red-tape blocking the travel of the first Syrian refugees. Members of The Beach Cares met with the Federal MP, Nathaniel Erskine-Smith to urge him to speak to the Minister of Immigration, to speed up the process. We pointed out that TBC had met all government requirements, met all the financial and organization stipulations and were left waiting for the government to act.

  • In response to the International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report of October 2018 ( Members of St. Aidan’s joined the Toronto Climate Action Committee (TCAN) in meeting with our MP, Nathaniel Erskine-Smith, on the day after the report was released to demand government action, not just words, in response.

  • Growing out of our Out of the Cold commitment, St. Aidan’s has engaged our local City Councillor (Ward 19, Beaches-East York) first on issues arising from clearing the encampments….where St. Aidan’s along with other volunteers provided food on Saturday evenings. Most recently, Councillor Bradford had spearheaded the construction of Supportive Housing for people experiencing chronic homelessness, in the north end of Ward 19. which ensures that there is 24-hour support for the residents in dealing with health and social issues. St. Aidan’s has supported the initiative by having a member of the church community sit on the community Consultation Committee and writing an article for Beach Metro News in support of the project.

  • Since the Provincial election of 2018, St. Aidan’s has partnered with Beach United, then other churches to host candidates’ meetings at which we inform the candidates of both our perspective as faith communities on issues such as the environment, health and inequality. After two Federal elections we are looking forward to co-sponsoring both a provincial election candidates’ meeting before the June, 2022 election and the municipal election in the Fall of this year. We have also hadboth our MP, Nathaniel Erskine-Smith and Councillor Brad Bradford meet with the congregation to take questions.