Recent Sermons & Reflections

What’s in a name Apr. 22, 2018

After Peter and John had cured a man born lame, they were arrested and asked by Annas and Caia[has, the chief priest, in whose name and by whose authority they had cured him. Peter answered “In the name of Jesus Christ”…whom you crucified.

Names Apr. 15, 2018

After using the name of Jesus to cure a man who was lame from birth, Peter explains how this Jesus is the one who was promised by scripture. He holds his listeners responsible for Jesus’ death but tells them that they are forgiven, again in the name of Jesus.

Our Bodies and Our Faith

April 15 2018 On Friday I had to go to hospital for a fairly common procedure that people my age have to go through, to make sure nothing sinister was present in my colon. (Enough said.) I spent two hours in the waiting area with many other patients, all of us clad in...

Locks and Wounds

April 8, 2018 The gospel story takes place on the evening of what we now call Easter Day. Strange things have been witnessed and reported: Jesus, not dead in the tomb but alive again. How can that possibly be true? Surely it’s just the imagination of susceptible women...

Easter Day: April Fools

Bishop Kevin Robertson preached at our 10:30 am service on Easter Day. The following is the sermon preached by Lucy Reid at the 8:30 service. There’s something so appropriate about Easter Day falling on April 1st this year. In some traditions people tell jokes in...

God on the Cross:

Good Friday, March 30, 2018 It’s not easy for us to be here today. Today we come by choice into the darkest place in the story of Jesus. There’s nothing happy about Good Friday. You can be theological about it and say this is the day of our salvation, but the story is...

Palm Sunday Show and Tell

We have an Instructional Eucharist at 10:30 today – as we go through the service we explain what everything means. Our faith and its expression involve signs and symbols everywhere, especially in a sacramental tradition such as the Anglican one. And they take some...

The Greek-speakers, Mar. 18, 2018

The gospel for today describes an episode early in the final week of Jesus’ life. If we reconsider the gospel from the perspective of Philip and Andrew we can fill in background, and provide interpretations drawn from context and imagination.