Recent Sermons & Reflections

Enigmatic Messages June 17, 2018

Sometimes God spoke to humans, through the prophets, in riddles. Jesus frequently taught in parables. In both cases the stories require the listener to interpret the meaning symbolically. The readings for the fourth Sunday after Pentecost are a case in point.

Realigning the Compass

June 3, 2018 I want to start off by talking about the Sabbath today, because the readings focus on the Sabbath law: the 4th of the ten commandments, and the one with the longest explanation to back it up. Right there, part way through the listing of laws about having...

Serpents and Daemons June 10, 2018

Serpents and daemons appear in both the Old and New Testament lessons for this Sunday. While we bring a more scientific approach to these stories in the 21st C, they contain significant points of reflection for us.

Experiencing God as Trinity

May 27, 2018 The Trinity as a theological doctrine emerged from the disciples’ and early Church experience: The disciples had experienced Jesus as a window onto God, in such a way that they could say, “In this man and his life we see God.” It wasn’t a planned...

Trinity May 27, 2018

The three readings for Trinity Sunday from the Hebrew scrppture, Paul’s letter to the Romans and John’s gospel provide snapshots in the development of the idea of a Trinity of Persons in One God….yet the concept remains a mystery.

Pentecost, May 20, 2018

The Holy Spirit came on Pentecost, but the nature of her gifts remains open to interpretation. The more miraculous the interpretation: the more remote it seems from our reality. Perhaps there is another way of looking at the scripture that allows us to realize that the Spirit comes to us, continually, even these days.

What Are We Supposed To Believe?

May 13, 2018 - Celebration of the Ascension What are we supposed to believe when it comes to Jesus’ ascension? Are we supposed to take it literally? Are we supposed to believe he floated up into the sky and went to a place called heaven up there? Come to that, what...

Communities of Welcome

May 6, 2018 Last week we heard readings on what it means to live in Christ, joined to him and to each other like one great vine growing and producing fruit. And we reflected on how Christians are called to create communities of life and inclusion, in a world that so...