Recent Sermons & Reflections

Pentecost, May 20, 2018

The Holy Spirit came on Pentecost, but the nature of her gifts remains open to interpretation. The more miraculous the interpretation: the more remote it seems from our reality. Perhaps there is another way of looking at the scripture that allows us to realize that the Spirit comes to us, continually, even these days.

What Are We Supposed To Believe?

May 13, 2018 - Celebration of the Ascension What are we supposed to believe when it comes to Jesus’ ascension? Are we supposed to take it literally? Are we supposed to believe he floated up into the sky and went to a place called heaven up there? Come to that, what...

Communities of Welcome

May 6, 2018 Last week we heard readings on what it means to live in Christ, joined to him and to each other like one great vine growing and producing fruit. And we reflected on how Christians are called to create communities of life and inclusion, in a world that so...

Communities of Life

April 29, 2018 The Toronto van attack this week has been at the front of my mind, as I read and pondered the readings for today through the week. What could lead a young man to immerse himself in a community of hatred on the internet, and then act out such destructive...

God’s Economy Apr.29, 2018

Sometimes God directs the attention of his ministers, such as Philip, to broad communities. Other times God focuses his apostles’ attention on single individuals who appear to be outside the scope of his mission. This is God’s economy: his version of what and who is worthwhile. It is not always our version.

Earth Day and the Body of God

April 22, 2018 I want to begin by expressing gratitude to my colleague Canon John Hill for his Earth Day-related commentary on today’s readings. It helped me bring the pieces together as I was writing this. John Hill points out that Jesus as the good shepherd was a...

What’s in a name Apr. 22, 2018

After Peter and John had cured a man born lame, they were arrested and asked by Annas and Caia[has, the chief priest, in whose name and by whose authority they had cured him. Peter answered “In the name of Jesus Christ”…whom you crucified.

Names Apr. 15, 2018

After using the name of Jesus to cure a man who was lame from birth, Peter explains how this Jesus is the one who was promised by scripture. He holds his listeners responsible for Jesus’ death but tells them that they are forgiven, again in the name of Jesus.

Our Bodies and Our Faith

April 15 2018 On Friday I had to go to hospital for a fairly common procedure that people my age have to go through, to make sure nothing sinister was present in my colon. (Enough said.) I spent two hours in the waiting area with many other patients, all of us clad in...