St. Aidan’s mission– the answer to the question: why are we here — is To Know Christ and Make Him Known.

This mission has three core values: spiritual formation, diversity, and community engagement.


The first of our three core value is spiritual formation. Our Christian faith is both distinct and inclusive. We grow together as pilgrims, following Jesus as people of faith in this world.

St. AIdan’s is an Anglican church, and a part of the Diocese of Toronto, and the Anglican Church of Canada.


We believe our spiritual journey begins at birth and never ends. All people are part of God’s family, and we value the diversity of who God has made each of us to be.

All people are welcome at St. Aidan’s. We aim to know Christ, and make Him known to all.


We live in the local and global village. We strive to make our ministries thoughtful, creative, and relevant to society.

At St. Aidan’s we work to deepen our own lives of faith and practice, by reaching out to others to share the gospel as a community of faith.