Life Milestones


Whether it’s honouring the life of someone no longer with us, celebrating the baptism of a child, youth or adult into the Christian community, or a wedding celebration with loved ones – we’re here to support, welcome and encourage you during all of these life events. Please contact the church office using the form below to speak with Lucy about having a baptism, wedding or funeral at St. Aidan’s.


Those wishing to be baptized or to have their child baptized are welcome to explore this important decision with us. We encourage interested individuals and families to join our worshiping community, as being a part of our community is an important part of welcoming the newly baptized into the Christian faith. If you’re interested in baptism contact the church office and Lucy or Jeff would be happy to follow up with you.


At St. Aidan’s we take supporting an engaged couple seriously! We would love to walk alongside you as you plan for your big day and life together. Preparation for marriage is done with several informal meetings with the priest. Please contact the office to set up a meeting with Lucy.


Having a loved one pass away is never easy. The immediate grief is only made more difficult by the need to make funeral arrangements. The funerals we lead are personal, loving and well done. If you would like Lucy to help you plan a meaningful service we would be happy to meet with you to navigate this difficult time together.

Planning a baptism, wedding, or funeral?

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