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Creative Space

St. Aidan’s is a progressive Anglican Church that wants to make a difference in our community. Hosting this event is a part of our mission to be welcoming, diverse and inclusive. 

Creative Space is a twice-a-month gathering of local artists in the Beach. From 3-5pm, artists will be free to set up and work in the available spaces throughout the expansive building. 

There is enough room for musicians, writers, painters, crafters, doodlers, really any art-form that is easily cleaned up!

We meet at St. Aidan’s in the Beach (70 Silver Birch Ave).  Enter through the southern most (3rd) door down from Queen Street along Silver Birch Ave.

Who Can Come?

Anyone with an artistic inclination that wants some personal quiet time to be creative and work. It’s also a chance to make new friends and build community.

How Much Is It?

This is a free event!

Residency Program

The vision of Creative Space Residency, in addition to honouring and revitalizing the artistic heritage of St. Aidan’s, is to offer a solution to the problem of affordable and accessible studio space for artists starting their careers. Accepted residents will be given the space, time and community support to create a self-directed series of works for exhibition at a Toronto-based gallery.

A small group of emerging artists in the Beaches/east-end area will be accepted into the residency for a 6 month period.

Residents will use St. Aidan’s available studio space to create a body of work (of any theme) for exhibition onsite at the church and offsite a local gallery at the end of the residency

Residency includes art making spaces, a lounge, kitchen, washroom, storage, clean up area with sink, outlets, and lighting.

Artists are asked to create one workshop and to facilitate it for Creative Space public members within the term of the residency.

Artists will also benefit from bi-weekly group critiques and monthly community engagement by attending the public Creative Space program.

More Info on Residency

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