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Recent Newsletters

Fall 2017

Welcome to our church!

Our building is at 70 Silver Birch Ave, right on the corner of Queen St. Sunday worship services are at 8:30 and 10:30am.** Our early service is more contemplative in nature, while 10:30 has a choir and a lively children’s ministry. We have a coffee hour after both services, and look forward to meeting you then!

**from July 2 to September 3, we have one service at 9:30, with Sunday School.


Below is more information about our identity, history, and leadership.

Our wide range of ministries and programs are arranged under our three core values: Diversity, Spiritual Formation, and Community Engagement.



Our Mission, Vision & Values

Our mission is to know Christ and to make Him known. This means deepening our own lives of faith and practice, and reaching out to others to share the gospel as a community of faith.

Our vision is to be a neighbourhood faith community, growing and changing with courage and hope.

Our three core values are Diversity, Spiritual Formation, and Community Engagement:

  • Diversity: We believe our spiritual journey begins at birth and never ends. All people are part of God’s family, and we value the diversity of who God has made each of us to be.
  • Spiritual Formation: Our Christian faith is both distinct and inclusive. We grow together as pilgrims, following Jesus as people of faith in this world.
  • Community Engagement: We live in the local and global village. We strive to make our ministries thoughtful, creative, and relevant to society.
Our Leadership


Incumbent: The Rev. Lucy Reid

Associate: The Rev. Jeff Nowers

Deacon: The Rev. Michael Van Dusen

Honorary Assistant: The Rev. Marguerite Rea

Churchwardens: Jonathan Hendricks, Amy Ferguson

Parish Administrator: Margaret Allen

Organist & Choir Director: Yvette Gudas

Children’s Minister: Gemma Snider

St. Aidan’s Advisory Board

People’s Warden:  Jonathan Hendricks
Deputy Warden: Louise Hamilton
Lay Delegates to Synod: Ginnie Wilson and Mark Garbutt
Alternates Delegates: Lois Donaldson and Ken Grieve
Members at Large: Michael Jones and Rosemary Laffan
Parish Tribunal: Marilyn Thompson and Beth Fisher
East End Refugee Committee: Sue Stuart and Michael Van Dusen
St Aidan’s Fund: Rob Cook, James Telfser, Bob Hutchison
Rector’s Warden: Amy Ferguson
Deputy Warden: Geoff Dashwood
Treasurer: Brian Snider
Envelope Secretary: Eleanor Guest
Members at Large:  Sue Bennett and Colleen James
Screening in Faith: Ginnie Wilson and Amy Ferguson
Greeters: Marilyn Thompson
Servers: Grace Rockett
Altar Guild: Ginnie Wilson
Choir: Dayle Snider
Lay Assistants & Chalice Bearers: Bill Guest
Children’s Ministry: Gemma Snider
Outreach: The Rev. Michael Van Dusen
Stewardship and Finance: Brian Snider
Mission and Facilities:
Out of the Cold: Matthew Kellway
Webmaster: Chris Schryer

Our History

St. Aidan’s sits at the corner of Queen Street East and Silver Birch Avenue, near the Neville Park streetcar loop. We are steps from the Boardwalk and Lake Ontario, and surrounded by an array of majestic Oaks and Maples. In our lively “small town” neighbourhood of bistros, pubs and shops, we are in another world from downtown Toronto, yet close to the hub of Ontario and Canada.

From a pioneer spirit of early beginnings, we have been part of the Beach since the 1880’s. Our building was finished in 1908.

We are blessed with historic architecture, an excellent pipe organ, beautiful stained glass, works of liturgical art by renowned artist and parishioner Doris McCarthy, and a charming garden and grounds.

Narrative Budget

Want to see more of what we do, and how we use our resources to bless our community? Check out our 2016 Narrative Budget here.