Out of the Cold Program
We can make a difference!
The Out of the Cold program will not be operating from places of worship this coming season, but from a special 100 bed shelter and the hotels currently in use during this time of pandemic.

The leadership of the Out of the Cold at St. Aidan’s and Beach United has reaffirmed their commitment to continue to support people experiencing homelessness. Efforts will focus on supporting people that are sleeping outside in our immediate community by providing the basic necessities of life (food, water, sanitation). This will also be an opportunity to learn more of people's needs and attempt to address these directly or in partnership with other agencies.

Out of the Cold volunteers will take bottles of water and packaged snacks to known encampments in the local community (Coxwell to Warden, south of Danforth).

In late August the leadership began inviting homeless people to come to Beach United on Mondays from noon to 2 PM to provide a sandwich lunch, access to washrooms and showers and basic clothing and toiletry needs. This is one of the ways that we are making a difference in the community, thanks to the compassion and commitment of so many volunteers.